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Results-Driven Legal Services, including Divorce Petitions & Child Custody Modifications

At The Law Offices Of Sarah K. Brandon, P.C., we are committed to representing you through any family law issues you may have. Our Austin, Texas, firm provides a suite of family legal services including divorce petitions and child custody modifications.

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Areas of Practice:

• Adoptions
• Modifications
• Custody Modifications
• Terminations • Divorce Proceedings

Your Legal Costs

Neither divorce modification, contempt, nor any other legal action is inexpensive. We will give you an estimate of your legal costs in our first conference. In addition, we will periodically send you a bill showing services rendered and costs incurred to date in order to keep you fully informed.

You may be assured that your legal costs will be proportionate to the difficulty of the case. For example, a case involving no children and no significant amount of property will cost less than child-related suits. However, where significant amounts of property and income are involved, or where children are involved, the stakes are higher and the complexities are greater—accordingly, the cost is greater. We will never suggest that you invest more legal expense than the case is worth.

Whether or not attorney's fees are charged against the other party or your ex-spouse depends upon several factors, including whether or not your ex-spouse is in violation of the previous order or there is a great disparity in the parties' respective incomes. Absent special circumstances, courts generally require each party to pay their own fees. We will discuss this with you and will advise whether you should seek to have your attorney's fees paid by your ex-spouse.

Contact us for effective family legal services, from divorce petitions to child custody modifications.

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